Russian 1904 – 1905 newspapers about Russian-Korean relations and Korean envoy Lee Beom-jin

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The article introduces new information about the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, which can be gleaned from publications of the Russian press during this period. Newspaper articles about military operations of the Russian army troops on the Korean peninsula, as well as about the situation in Korea in general, change of Korean foreign policy, etc., are especially valuable. Russian newspapers of 1904-1905 contain new facts proving that the Korean peninsula was an important military theater of operations during the Russo-Japanese war. Currently, the Republic of Korea is paying special attention to the first Korean envoy who permanently resided in Russia, Lee Beom-jin (1852-1911). Russian newspapers from 1904-1905 reopen new pages in the history of his life and activities in St. Petersburg. With the help of Russian journalists from that time, who often visited the Korean legation in St. Petersburg, the modern reader has the opportunity to learn more about the Korean envoy by reading his interviews, which were previously not known to the global scientific community.
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