Resonant Four-Wave Mixing Spectra: A Fresh Look at Photodissociation Dynamics

A. Kouzov, P. Radi, P. Maksyutenko, D. Kozlov

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The frequency- and polarization-resolved degenerate resonant four-wave mixing (DFWM) spectra of the anisotropic states of the OH radicals produced by photolysis of H 2O2 by a planepolarized laser radiation at 266 nm are reported. The signals in the A 2 Σ + -X 2 Π(0,0) vibronic band were generated at the forward-box configuration with the photodissociation beam propagating along the box axis OZ[1]. The double and triple correlations between the dipole moment m of the dissociative transition in the parent molecule, the recoil velocity vand the angular momentum j of nascent particles –the key characteristics of the reaction path –were the main objectives of the study. To incorporate these correlations into a theoretical picture and to decouple the polarization factors from the molecular properties, the line-space approach was advanced. As a result, the DFWM intensities are expressed via the polarization factors, the Doppler-broadened profiles and the Einstein B-c
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Название основной публикацииThe 22nd International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes (Tullahoma, University of Tennessee,USA, June 1–6, 2014)
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