Resonance broadening of argon lines in a micro-scaled atmospheric pressure plasma jet (argon μAPPJ)

A.V. Pipa, Yu.Z. Ionikh, V.M. Chekishev, M. Dünnbier, S. Reuter

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Optical emission from atmospheric pressure micro-jet operating with pure argon (argon mu APPJ) flow has been detected with a moderate resolution spectrometer. Large broadening of the several argon (Ar) lines has been observed in the near infrared spectral region. This effect was attributed to resonance broadening of the s(2) (Paschen notation) level in 3p(5)4s configuration. In the present work, corresponding line profiles are suggested for plasma diagnostics. For this, a general case of resonance broadening coefficient of noble gases is discussed. As broadening reflects the Ar density, and the static gas pressure of the jet is in equilibrium with the ambient, the local gas temperature can be inferred. An estimation of gas temperature from the width of the 750 nm Ar line is in agreement with rotational temperature of OH radicals determined from the A(2)Sigma+ -> X-2 Pi (0, 0) band. At low temperatures (300-600 K) and at partial Ar pressure near atmospheric, the resonance width of the suggested lines is very s
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ЖурналApplied Physics Letters
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