Research of university sites internal links distribution

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The article covers the university websites webpages distribution analysis in terms of the number of incoming internal links. Papers by A. Broder and R. Kumar (2000), Barabasi and Albert (1999) represent, that the distribution follows a power law with the exponent of around 2.1. However, we have recently developed a method that allows to size up website's webpages by studying just 10% of the site itself. Within the research we came across the idea, that university sites have particular characteristics, therefore they have a different exponent. This article contains the description of the experiment results conducted by the article authors, the experiment includes 97 university sites from top 500 Webometrics ranking. Power approximating curves, that describe incoming links distribution, have been drawn for each site. The average exponent among all sites is about 1.8.

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Название основной публикацииProceeding - 2017 3rd International Conference on Science and Technology-Computer, ICST 2017
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Событие3rd International Conference on Science and Technology-Computer, ICST 2017 - Yogyakarta, Индонезия
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конференция3rd International Conference on Science and Technology-Computer, ICST 2017

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