Relaxation times measurement in single and multiply excited xenon clusters

Переведенное название: Измерение времен релаксации однократно и многократно возбужденных кластеров ксенона

Павел Юрьевич Сердобинцев, Алексей Мельников, Александр Александрович Пастор, Николай Александрович Тимофеев, Михаил Алексеевич Ходорковский

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Direct measurement of the rates of nonradiative relaxation processes in electronically excited xenon clusters were carried out. The clusters were created in a pulsed supersonic beam and twophoton excited by femtosecond laser pulses with a wavelength of 263 nm. The measurements were performed using the pump-probe method and electron spectroscopy. It is shown thatrelaxation of light clusters XeN (N < 15) predominantly occurs by desorption of excited xenon atoms with a characteristic time constant of 3 ps. Heavier electronically excited clusters (N> 10) vibrationally relax to the lowest electronically excited state at a rate of about 0.075 eV / ps. Multiply excited clusters are deactivated via energy exchange between excited centers with theionization of one of them. The production of electrons in this process occurs with a delay of ~ 4 ps from the pump pulse, and the process is completed in 10 ps.
Переведенное названиеИзмерение времен релаксации однократно и многократно возбужденных кластеров ксенона
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