Relationship of psychoalgological status and results of neurosurgical treatment of patients with discogenic radiculopathy

Valentin I. Leonov, Irina O. Kritskaya, Dmitriy V. Svistov, Elena V. Litvinenko, Tatyana V. Sergeeva, Viktor V. Flud, Maxim N. Kravtsov, Saidmirze D. Mirzametov, Nina P. Alexeyeva, Alexandr Yu Shcherbuk, Yuriy A. Shcherbuk

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The OBJECTIVE was to improve the results of surgical treatment of patients with discogenic radiculopathy by preoperative neuropsychological examination of patients with an increased risk of unsatisfactory outcome of the operation. METHODS AND MATERIALS. Neuropsychological status of 77 patients with discogenic radiculopathy in the preoperative period was studied. For this purpose, we assessed the intensity of pain, levels of personal and situational anxiety and the presence and severity of depression. The obtained data were compared with postoperative results of quality of life assessment for the main parameters, which include the level of pain and adaptation to daily activities. RESULTS. Data from neuropsychological tests were revealed, the presence of which in patients with discogenic pain syndrome suggests the risk of an unsatisfactory assessment of the operation performed by the patient. According to the long-Term results of neurosurgical treatment, patients were divided into three groups: 1 - with a good result; 2 - patients with a number of preserved complaints, who rated the result of the operation as satisfactory; 3 - unsatisfactory outcome. In patients with unsatisfactory results of surgical treatment of discogenic radiculopathies with pain syndrome, patterns of psychological indices were found that were significantly associated with the outcome of treatment. CONCLUSION. Conducting a neuropsychological examination prior to surgery with the identification of predictors of chronic discogenic pain and patient dissatisfaction with the results of treatment can influence the surgical tactics and optimize the process of further treatment.

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ЖурналGrekov's Bulletin of Surgery
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