Quality of Life and Attitude to Disease in Patients with Bone Tumors

Ekaterina Usmanova, E. Sushentsov, A. K. Valiev, Ольга Юрьевна Щелкова

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The article is devoted to study health-related quality of life and attitude to disease in 120 patients with bone tumor: osteosarcoma (41 persons), giant cell tumor (31 persons), chondrosarcoma (30 persons) and metastatic bone lesion (18 persons).Comparative analysis of quality of life basic parameters, attitude to disease and indices interconnections in four clinical groups of patients was made. Psychological methods were as follows: «SF- 36 Health StatusSurvey», Quality of Life Questionnary-Core 30 of European Organization for Research and Treatment Cancer with module Bone Metastases 22, “The type of relation to disease”. The results revealed differences in quality of life parameters, attitude to disease types and differences of correlations between the diagnostics indices in patients with different bone tumor types.

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ЖурналSleep and Hypnosis: A Journal of Clinical Neuroscience and Psychopathology
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