QCD with Chiral Imbalance: models vs. lattice

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In heavy ion collisions (HIC) at high energies there may appear new phases of matter which must be described by QCD. These phases may have different color and flavour symmetries associated with the constituents involved in collisions as well as various space-time symmetries of hadron matter. Properties of the QCD medium in such a matter can be approximately described, in particular, by a number of right-handed (RH) and left-handed (LH) light quarks. The chiral imbalance (ChI) is characterized by the difference between the numbers of RH and LH quarks and supposedly occurs in the fireball after HIC. Accordingly we have to introduce a quark chiral (axial) chemical potential which simulates a ChI emerging in such a phase. In this report we discuss the possibility of a phase with Local spatial Parity Breaking (LPB) in such an environment and outline conceivable signatures for the registration of LPB as well as the appearance of new states in the spectra of scalar, pseudoscalar and vector particles as a consequence
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