Processing of Verbal and Non-verbal Patterns: An Eye-Tracking Study of Russian

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The paper describes an eye-tracking experiment on Russian language material. It explores how readers integrate text-figure information when reading and understanding verbal and non-verbal patterns, namely one and the same text in verbal format and infographics. The data from 22 college student participants indicate that their reading patterns were text-directed even while processing infographics. Our results did not show any fundamental differences in the processing of a verbal text and infographics (i.e., in the overall duration of reading, number and duration of fixations, general patterns of eye-movements). We also used questionnaires to check text comprehension and accessibility. For 3 out of 4 pairs of texts analyzed, we got more correct answers and lower estimation of difficulty for the infographic form than for the verbal one.
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ЖурналAdvances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
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