Problemas actuales en el manejo de los tejidos blandos del vestíbulo oral antes del tratamiento de ortodoncia

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Orthodontic treatment tasks include requirements not only for proper teeth alignment and optimal jaw relationships in the sagittal and vertical planes with the maximum of occlusal con-tacts but also for healthy periodontal tissues upon completion of orthodontic treatment. Often, certain occlusal anomalies affect the surrounding soft tissues. In this situation, the or-thodontist realizes that not until the periodontal problem is resolved can the orthodontic treatment begin. Soft tissue anomalies include epithelial cords that make the periosteal attachments extremely thin, may prevent tooth eruption, or cause multiple gingival recessions. The shallow oral vestibule also adversely affects the position of the incisors, especially in the lower jaw. In such cases, incisors should not be moved using fixed orthodontic appliances, since this will cause thin-ning of the attached gingiva in the cervical margins of the teeth, or exacerbate the existing gingival recessions, which in turn will lead to root sensitivity. If a patient already exhibits multiple or severely expressed single gingival recessions, we suggest their closure by surgery as a primary intervention before orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances or aligners, which will continuously traumatize the thin edge of attached gingiva. In this article, we will address the necessary periodontal procedures that orthodontists should consider before initiating orthodontic correction to avoid irreversible degrada-tion of the soft tissues of the oral cavity, periodontal tissues.

Переведенное названиеCurrent issues in the management of soft tissues of the oral vestibule before orthodontic treatment
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