Probabilistic model of terminal services.

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The article assumes that there are closely located terminals of several companies. Each company provides transportation and storage of goods. If a terminal of some company is crowded, then the company can rent a storage space in a terminal of another company. If a terminal of some company is not loaded, then the part of the premises may be leased to another company. If there is demand for a product that cannot be met in view of its absence from the terminal, the company can purchase goods at the other terminal and to transfer it to your terminal. Rental of the terminal to another company and the transportation of goods from one terminal to another require additional costs. It is desirable to anticipate the need for the rental of the premises of another company, as the organization of rent and transportation of goods require some additional time and financial resources. Therefore, it is necessary long- term planning of financial resources in order to provide additional costs. A cargo flow is stochastic in natu
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