Preparing audio recordings of everyday speech for prosody research: The case of the ord corpus

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Studying prosody is important for understanding many linguistic, pragmatic, and discourse phenomena, as well as for solution of many applied tasks (in particular, in speech technologies). Prosody of everyday speech is extremely diverse, demonstrating high interpersonal and intrapersonal variations. Furthermore, natural everyday speech produces a multitude of effects which are hardly possible to obtain in speech laboratories. Because of this fact, it is very important to create resources containing representative collections of everyday speech data. The ORD corpus is a large resource aimed at studying everyday Russian speech. The paper describes the main stages of speech processing in the ORD corpus starting from segmentation of original files into macroepisodes and up to compiling prosody information into the database. This prosody database will be further used for building empirical prosody models.

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ЖурналLecture Notes in Computer Science
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