Preacceleration of the multicharged ions with the different A/Z ratios in single radio-frequency quadrupole(RFQ) channel

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The preacceleration of multicharged ions with the different A/Z ratios extracted from electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) sources is discussed in this report. The capture ratio, emittances and current values of multicharged ions may be better if the ions are preaccelerated before their injection into a booster synchrotron. There is a considerable possibility of separate preacceleration of multicharged ions with different A/Z ratios in a single radio-frequency quadrupole (RFQ) channel. The magnitude of the injection energy into RFQ is about a few keV/u whereas the magnitudes of the injection energy into booster or following linac cascade are ≥300 keV/u. In addition in this paper we discuss the approach of the fast channel parameter optimization technique by using swarm computations and gradient descend for improving the capture ratio. The optimizations aimed at changing the regular part of the RFQ or matching section profile to improve the matching of the arbitrary oriented in phase space input beam.

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