[Possibilities of palliative operations in patients with intrapulmonary metastases of renal cancer].

S. M. Lazarev, A. V. Reshetov, R. V. Orlova, F. M. Markin, P. K. Iablonskiǐ, O. E. Kakysheva

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Results of treatment of 51 patients with intrapulmonary metastases of renal cancer were analyzed. Surgical interventions in volume of complete cytoreduction were made in 31 of them. All the patients were followed-up after operations at the period from 3 through 68 months. A multi-factor analysis has shown that surgical metastasectomy gives reliably better results of treatment of patients with disseminated renal cancer. Regressive analysis in the group of operated patients has shown that involvement of the lymph nodes of the bronchopulmonary group and mediastinum gave reliably worse results of treatment of this group of patients.

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ЖурналVestnik khirurgii imeni I. I. Grekova
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