Phytotherapy in total treatment-and-prophylactic actions of health care and training in Russia

Alexander L. Pastushenkov

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Phytotherapy is the direction of medicine which is based on the scientific use of organic plants and herbs. It positively affects the human body, is highly effective, almost harmless, so the topic is highly relevant. The aim of the work is to study phytotherapy in complex treatment and prophylactic measures in the field of public health and education in the Russian Federation. Natural plants are able to improve human immunity and thereby cope with the disease. Phytotherapy is a powerful and harmless means requiring a serious scientific approach. Therefore, for a comprehensive study of the issue of phytotherapy, various theoretical methods of analysis, synthesis, description, and comparison were used in the study. The author found that the use of herbal and medicinal charges positively affects the body but there are also contraindications in use. These include intolerance to phytopreparations; acute conditions requiring urgent therapy; acute phases of a number of chronic diseases, etc. The author also established fundamental problems in the field of Russian phytotherapy as a medical method and a discipline. The studied problems can become a stage on the way to a healthy lifestyle for a person.

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