Physcia alnophila (Vain.) Loht. et al. of the Russian Far East

I. A. Galanina, A. K. Ezhkin, L. S. Yakovchenko, D. E. Himelbrant, E. V. Zheludeva, I. F. Skirina

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In this paper we present data on the distribution in the Russian Far East and surrounding areas (TransBaikal Territory and Japan) of Physcia alnophila (Vain.) Loht. et al. (Physciaceae), for the first time found in the South of the Russian Far East. Area of distribution of P. alnophila is circumpolar, associated with the boreal zone; the species is limited in their distribution by northern territories, in the south (the Khabarovsk Territory, the Jewish Autonomous Region, Sakhalin region) P. alnophila is rare and not abundant. P. alnophila grows on different broad-leaved and small-leaved tree and of conifer only on Picea. In the study of 18 Japanese (TNS) samples only Physcia aipolia was identified, although the nearest finding of Physcia alnophila was made in the southern part of Sakhalin Island. The northernmost location of the species is on the Chukotka Peninsula in the northeastern part in Willow community, on the bark of deciduous (Alnus and Betula) tree. We give the anatomic-morphological description of the species based on the study of the samples collected (total 34). Anatomical and morphological characteristics of the samples are almost entirely consistent with those given by R. Moberg (1977): ascospores are slightly wider and shorter in extreme values, in average values coincide completely. The average length of the spores in the studied samples of P. alnophila was 20 μm, while the samples of P. aipolia - 24 μm (N = 35). We have also noted that P. alnophila samples from Yakutia apothecia are somewhat larger, up to 2.5 mm in diameter, 0.5-1 mm more than indicated in previous works.

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