Personality Characteristics Of Adolescents Convicted For Sexual Assaults In Russia

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The article is devoted to the study of specific personality characteristics of young criminals convicted for
sexual assaults in Russia. The results of the study revealed that juveniles committed sexual assault differ in
following personality categories: being impulsive, undisciplined and having low self-control. In majority
of cases psychological defense mechanisms and coping behaviors demonstrated by these juveniles intensify
the influence and duration of adverse negative social environments. The juveniles also have a disturbed
sovereignty of psychological space which means a disturbed ability to keep the integrity of psychological
boundaries and stability under the influence of external factors. Juvenile crime is an urgent issue and social
problem particularly due to the high probability of recidivism in Russia. Therefore, psychological work
with convicted juveniles is undoubtedly relevant to ensure their re-socialization and integration in society.
Conducted study provided important data on “targets” for prevention and correction psychological
counseling of juveniles with deviant behaviors.
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СобытиеPsychology of Personality: Real and Virtual Context - , Российская Федерация
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