Periodic order and defects in Ni-based inverse opal-like crystals on the mesoscopic and atomic scale

A.V. Chumakova, G.A. Valkovskiy, A.A. Mistonov, V.A. Dyadkin, N.A. Grigoryeva, N.A. Sapoletova, K.S. Napolskii, A.A. Eliseev, A.V. Petukhov, S.V. Grigoriev

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The structure of inverse opal crystals based on nickel was probed on the mesoscopic and atomic levels by a set of complementary techniques such as scanning electron microscopy and synchrotron microradian and wide-angle diffraction. The microradian diffraction revealed the mesoscopic-scale face-centered-cubic (fcc) ordering of spherical voids in the inverse opal-like structure with unit cell dimension of 750 ± 10 nm. The diffuse scattering data were used to map defects in the fcc structure as a function of the number of layers in the Ni inverse opal-like structure. The average lateral size of mesoscopic domains is found to be independent of the number of layers. 3D reconstruction of the reciprocal space for the inverse opal crystals with different thickness provided an indirect study of original opal templates in a depth-resolved way. The microstructure and thermal response of the framework of the porous inverse opal crystal was examined using wide-angle powder x-ray diffraction. This artificial porous structur
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Страницы (с-по)144103_1-9
ЖурналPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2014

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