Performance of Russian SMEs: Exploration, Exploitation and Strategic Entrepreneurship

G. Shirokova, G. Vega, L Sokolova

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the ability of Russian firms to develop strategic entrepreneurship (SE) as a source of sustainable competitive advantage in a turbulent and hostile business environment. It aims to suggest a model of SE that includes two components – exploration and exploitation – and to test this model on 500 Russian small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which show the influence of these components on firm performance. It also aims to address one of the most fundamental questions confronting the international business (IB) field: “What determines the success and failure of firms around the world?”. Design/methodology/approach – The paper presents empirical research with a regression analysis of 500 Russian SMEs operating in Moscow and St Petersburg in three major industries: information technologies and communications (ICT), hotels, restaurants, and cafes (HoReCa) and wholesale/retail. Findings – The Russian firms show a positive influence of exploration and exploitation o
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ЖурналCritical Perspectives on International Business
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