Peцензия на книгу: Ремилева Е. Ойрат-монголы: Обзор истории европейских калмыков. Weiler : Бертуган, 2010 (Elena Remilev. Oirat-Mongolen. Ein Überblick über die Geschichte der europäischen Kalmücken. Weiler: Bertugan Verlag, 2010) ISBN 978-3-939165-18-7

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The book by Elena Remilev “The Oirat Mongols: An Overview of the History of the European Kalmucks” is a huge compilation of various materials relating to the history of the Western Mongols. The author is a daughter of an immigrant “White Russian” Kalmuck Cossack officer. The influence of her background was very evident in the slant given to the material, and the way in which the military history of the Kalmucks in this period is described. The book focuses on this history during the period of the Russian Empire, and the Kalmucks participation in the counter-revolutionary “White Russian” movement during the Civil War of  1917–1920. The book contains many photos, maps, biographical sketches and personal reminiscences of eminent Kalmuck spiritual and military leaders. The book is informative for those interested in the history of the Cossacks and the Civil War in Russia.
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