Paul delaroche’s works from the collection of anatoly demidov and their significance for Russian artists of the 19th century

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The main achievement of Paul Delaroche was the creation of historical picture of a new type based on the principles of crossbreeding historical and genre painting. Although the authority of Delaroche in the international artistic circles of the 19th century was enormous, the question of his significance for Russian artists still remains unexplored. This article is intended to partially fill that gap. Contrary to the opinion of Alexander Benois, that Karl Bryullov was the “Russian Delaroche”, the author supports Vladimir Stasov’s idea that Delaroche’s greatest impact on Russian art was felt after Bryullov had passed away. The focus of the article is the remarkable case of mastering Delaroche’s artistic practice by Fyodor Bronnikov. The author demonstrates that the successful grasp of Delaroche’s artistic innovations is found not in Bronnikov’s paintings on historical subjects but in his scenes from the everyday life. Influenced by Delaroche, Bronnikov created a new type of genre painting that would not fit with the traditional system of genres.

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