Online Content Impact on Young people's Values Transformation.

Переведенное название: онлайн контент для молодежи

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The investigation that underpins the present article interprets the gaps of the social data continuum. It is designed to select a set of images from the “media noise” of the information society, and then describe those that characterize the visual conceptualization of the ideas. The authors present the results of their 14-year research based on the original research methodology, and carried out in several stages (2006, 2012, 2017). The study is called “Fictional creatures of the mass media era. Russia, 21 century”. In 2017, it is assumed that the overall youth international value agenda, an essential feature of which is the further reduction of the impact of advertising and brand communications, has been formed. Specific data are given in the article.
Переведенное названиеонлайн контент для молодежи
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ЖурналMacro Management & Public Policies
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