Onefold coordinated oxygen atom: An electron trap in the silicon oxide

V. A. Gritsenko, A. V. Shaposhnikov, Yu N. Novikov, A. P. Baraban, Hei Wong, G. M. Zhidomirov, M. Roger

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It has been long suggested that the ≡SiOH defect is an electron or "water" trap in silicon dioxide based on some indirect evidences. In this work, quantum calculation on the capturing properties of non-bridging oxygen hole center with unpaired electron ≡SiO· and hydrogen defect ≡SiOH in silicon oxide are performed with the ab initio density-functional method. It was found that the ≡SiO· defect is an electron trap and this defect should be the responsible candidate for better hardness against radiation for the metal-oxide-semiconductor gate oxide produced by wet oxidation. We found that the ≡SiOH defect could not be an electron trap according to the present calculation results.

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ЖурналMicroelectronics Reliability
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