Sport accomplishments of the leading athletes serving in the national Armed Forces are appreciated by the nation with great pride and respect. However, not all of them by far are given good opportunities to realize their individual athletic potentials. The military athletic training system individualizing may be outlined as the complex educational system designed on the optimal versatility and goal tree concepts. Military athlete will be viewed by the sport training system as an individual, personality, trainee and equal actor. Effects of the individual personality and athletic traits on the athletic training process and its outcomes are never linear. The relevant terms including individuality, individualized training, individualization, customized training and customization may be defined as follows. Individuality is the root term for the other above derivatives; individualization means the individual training system design concept that implies the personal training being customized to the individual traits and progress agenda; customization means the customized training implementation technology; with the training process individualizing and customizing tools geared to economize the military athlete’s training process. It should be mentioned that the training process individualizing and customizing tools will be reasonably applied throughout the whole multiannual sport training system in every its element. The above definitions and the relevant assumptions will be used to compose training groups classified by the key typological factors for success of the athletic training system, with every athlete offered an individual training trajectory/ route to ensure that the training and competitive processes are duly designed and managed by the scopes, intensities, specifics and contents to mobilize the individual potential of every athlete.

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