New interpretation of transmittance measurements by the SAGE-III satellite spectrometer

A. V. Polyakov, Yu M. Timofeev, D. V. Ionov, H. M. Steel, M. J. Newchurch

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Vertical profiles of the ozone and nitrogen dioxide concentrations and of the aerosol extinction coefficient retrieved from the data of the SAGE-III occultation experiment (the Meteor-3M satellite) for the period May-October 2002 are presented. An original procedure based on a complex approach (simultaneous retrieval of the aforementioned profiles), on the method of statistical regularization (optimal estimation method), and on the optimal parametrization of the aerosol-extinction spectral coefficient was applied. The vertical profiles of ozone obtained for heights to 100 km are compared to the CIRA-8 empirical model and the data of independent ground-based (ozonesondes, lidar) and satellite (HALOE) measurements. The distinctions between results of experiments of different types do not exceed their total measurement errors for most height ranges, except for the mesospheric layer of a minimum ozone content and for the lower stratosphere. The NO2 profiles were compared with those measured in the HALOE satellite experiment. The data corresponding to the atmospheric range of a maximum NO2 content are in satisfactory agreement. The aerosol-extinction spectral coefficients retrieved by the methods developed at St. Petersburg State University (Russia) and NASA (United States) agree with each other in the spectral region of long-wavelength measuring channels but differ from each other in the region of short-wavelength measuring channels.

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ЖурналIzvestiya - Atmospheric and Ocean Physics
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