New insights into the molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of the family Issidae (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Fulgoroidea)

V. M. Gnezdilov, F. V. Konstantinov, S. Y. Bodrov

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The phylogenetic relationships among major lineages of the planthopper family Issidae were explored by analyzing a molecular dataset of nine fragments (COI, CytB, 12S, H3, 16S, 18SII, 18SIII, 28S D3-D5, 28S D6-D7) and 48 terminal taxa. Bayesian and Maximum likelihood analyses yielded similar and mostly well-resolved trees with moderate to high support for most branches. The obtained results suggest subdivision of the family Issidae Spinola into two subfamilies, Issinae Spinola, 1839 (= Thioniinae Melichar, 1906, = Hemisphaeriinae Melichar, 1906) and Hysteropterinae Melichar, 1906. The Issinae was clustered into the tribes Issini Spinola, 1839, with the subtribes Issina Spinola, 1839 and Thioniina Melichar, 1906, Sarimini Wang, Zhang et Bourgoin, 2016, Parahiraciini Cheng et Yang, 1991, Hemisphaeriini Melichar, 1906, and Kodaianellini Wang, Zhang et Bourgoin, 2016. The Hysteropterinae incorporates the rest of Western Palaearctic taxa except Issina. Chimetopini Gnezdilov, 2017, stat. nov. is elevated to tribe from the subtribal level. Most well-supported clades showed clear geographical pattering. Newly obtained data contradicts the scenario of an early split of American Thioniinae from other Issidae and possible origin of the family in the New World, while the combination of Palaearctic Issus Fabricius and Latissus Dlabola with Oriental and American taxa in one well supported clade may serve as an evidence for a common ancestor for extant Oriental, American, and Palaearctic issids.

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