New data on age and conditions of buried organic-rich sediments formation in the сentral Ob River

F. E. Maksimov, L. A. Savelieva, S. A. Laukhin, V. Yu Kuznetsov, Kh A. Arslanov, A. Yu Petrov, V. A. Grigoriev, S. B. Levchenko

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This article presents the results of a comprehensive geochronological study of gyttja deposits from a section of a terrace above a floodplain located on the right bank of the Ob River near the town of Kolpashevo. According to the 230Th/U dating, the age of the gyttja could be dated in the range of 110–95 kyr. The results of spore–pollen analysis suggest that the gyttja deposit was formed in the period of a wide distribution of middle taiga forest landscapes with the dominance of spruce; the climatic conditions were similar to modern ones. These events probably took place in the interstadial time during MIS-5c or at the end of Kazantsevo interglacial period.

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ЖурналContemporary Problems of Ecology
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