Neuroendocrine system in insect stress

Sergey I. Chernysh

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    70In insect endocrinology, priority is traditionally given to investigations on the role of hormones in development and reproduction processes. Meanwhile, a third and very important function of the neuroendocrine system, associated with regulating the organism’s adaptation to unfavorable environmental conditions, is still a much less explored area. The only exceptions are mechanisms of diapause, but in this case the protective function of hormones is interpreted as a direct consequence of their morphogenetic activity. At the same time, little research has been done on certain key problems such as the reactivity of the endocrine system in relation to stress effects, its role in regulating intracellular and tissue repair of damage, infection immunity, and catatoxic systems, etc. When, in their reviews, some authors did focus on hormonal responses to stressor action, 1 - 3 it was mainly pathological aspects of reactivity that were the object of analysis.

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