Multivariate quantum memory as controllable delayed multi-port beamsplitter

A. N. Vetlugin, I. V. Sokolov

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The addressability of parallel spatially multimode quantum memory for light allows one to control independent collective spin waves within the same cold atomic ensemble. Generally speaking, there are transverse and longitudinal degrees of freedom of the memory that one can address by a proper choice of the pump (control) field spatial pattern. Here we concentrate on the mutual evolution and transformation of quantum states of the longitudinal modes of collective spin coherence in the cavity-based memory scheme. We assume that these modes are coherently controlled by the pump waves of the on-demand transverse profile, that is, by the superpositions of waves propagating in the directions close to orthogonal to the cavity axis. By the write-in, this allows one to couple a time sequence of the incoming quantized signals to a given set of superpositions of orthogonal spin waves. By the readout, one can retrieve quantum states of the collective spin waves that are controllable superpositions of the initial ones and
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ЖурналEurophysics Letters
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