Multidisciplinary study of the Mechetlino Quarry section (Southern Urals, Russia) — The GSSP candidate for the base of the Kungurian Stage (Lower Permian)

Valery V. Chernykh, Galina V. Kotlyar, Boris I. Chuvashov, Ruslan V. Kutygin, Tatiana V. Filimonova, Guzal M. Sungatullina, Gunar A. Mizens, Rafael Kh Sungatullin, Tatiana N. Isakova, Maxim S. Boiko, Alexander O. Ivanov, Nuriia G. Nurgalieva, Yury P. Balabanov, Eduard V. Mychko, Bulat I. Gareev, Georgii A. Batalin

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The Mechetlino Quarry section is a potential candidate for the Global Section Stratotype and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Global Kungurian Stage on the International Stratigraphic Chart. In 2017, the Mechetlino Quarry section became the part of the First Geopark in Russia, therefore excavation work was carried out to clear it, a road was laid, and infrastructure was developed. Recent evidence to justify the base Kungurian boundary in the Mechetlino section was obtained. Additional conodonts confirmed the data of V.V. Chernykh on the Artinskian–Kungurian transition. Besides Neostreptognathodus pnevi Kozur and Movshovitsch, the second marker (N. lectulus Chernykh) of the base-Kungurian was established. The Artinskian–Kungurian transition of the Mechetlino Quarry section is characterized by the richest associations of small foraminifers, ammonoids, and other groups. The occurrence of mass Clausiuraloceras above the Kungurian boundary, which changed the representative Artinskian association, was identified. Small foraminifers of the Artinskian–Kungurian transition are numerous and include sufficient species to provide a correlation with Western Tethys, Svalbard and Australia. Data on isotopic ratios of δ13C and δ18O, δ13Corg values and the magnetic susceptibility were obtained for the first time.

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