Multi-Frequency Monitoring of the Flat Spectrum Radio Quasar PKS 1222+216 in 2008-2015

Ivan Troitskiy, Daria Morozova, Svetlana Jorstad, Valery Larionov, Alan Marscher, Ivan Agudo, Dmitry Blinov, Paul Smith, Yuliya Troitskaya

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We analyze the broadband activity of the flat spectrum radio quasar PKS 1222+216 from 2008 to 2015 using multi-frequency monitoring which involves gamma-ray data from the Fermi Large Area Telescope, total intensity and linear polarization observations from different optical telescopes in R band, and imaging of the inner jet structure with the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) at 43 GHz. During the observations, the source showed several dramatic flares at gamma rays and optical bands, with the rising branch of a gamma-ray flare accompanied by a rapid rotation of the polarization position angle (EVPA), a fast increase of the degree of polarization in the optical band, brightening of the VLBI core, and appearance of a new superluminal component in the parsec-scale jet. The rapid variability of the optical linear polarization may be explained by a strong turbulence in the jet plasma. We find a correlation between the gamma rays, optical R band, and 43 GHz variability on a long-term scale (months and years), and a good general alignment between EVPAs in R band and at 43 GHz, while the correlation between short-term variations (days and weeks) is weaker. Synchronous activity across the bands supports the idea that the emission regions responsible for the gamma-ray and optical flares are co-spatial and located in the vicinity of the mm-wave core of the parsec-scale jet. However, these connections do not completely explain the challenging behaviour of PKS 1222+216, since there are some gamma-ray flares which are not accompanied by jet events, and vice versa. We need a continuation of multi-frequency monitoring along with high resolution imaging of the parsec-scale jet to understand in detail the origin of high energy emission in blazars.

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