Morphology of seamounts at the Mendeleev Rise, Arctic Ocean

Evgeny Gusev, Pavel Rekant, Valery Kaminsky, Alexey Krylov, Andrey Morozov, Sergey Shokalsky, Sergey Kashubin

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Geological and geophysical studies undertaken during the Russian Arktika-2012 Expedition of 2012 produced evidence of basement outcrops on the steep slopes of the Mendeleev Rise seamounts. Observations of the outcrops from research submarines showed that part of the steep slopes interpreted as basement outcrops based on seismic data were overlain by a light sediment cover. The actual areas of the basement outcrops are therefore much less than indicated by the seismic data alone. The outcrops found are of 5-10 to 100-200 m and are often stretched along some hypsometric level or arranged obliquely, crossing a slope at an angle to the horizon. The rocks are massive and layered, often strongly weathered, cavernous, with visible fissures and extended by dislocations.

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    Gusev, E., Rekant, P., Kaminsky, V., Krylov, A., Morozov, A., Shokalsky, S., & Kashubin, S. (2017). Morphology of seamounts at the Mendeleev Rise, Arctic Ocean. Polar Research, 36(2017), [1298901].