Mitochondrial genomes of Amoebozoa

Natalya Bondarenko, Alexey Smirnov, Elena Nassonova, Anna Glotova, Anna-Maria Fiore-Donno

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In this mini-review, we summarize the current knowledge on mitochondrial genomes of Amoebozoa. Amoebozoa is a major, early-diverging lineage of eukaryotes, containing at least 2,400 species. At present, 32 mitochondrial genomes belonging to 18 amoebozoan species are publicly available. A dearth of information is particularly obvious for two major amoebozoan clades, Variosea and Tubulinea, with just one mitochondrial genome sequenced for each. The main focus of this review is to summarize features such as mitochondrial gene content, mitochondrial genome size variation, and presence or absence of RNA editing, showing if they are unique or shared among amoebozoan lineages. In addition, we underline the potential of mitochondrial genomes for multigene phylogenetic reconstruction in Amoebozoa, where the relationships among lineages are not fully resolved yet. With the increasing application of next-generation sequencing techniques and reliable protocols, we advocate mitochondrial genomes as a promising tool for understanding evolutionary patterns in Amoebozoa.
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