Micromycetes of plants linaria containing DNA sequences of agrobacterial origin in their genomes

S.V. Sokornova, E.L. Gasich, T.V. Matveeva, A.N. Afonin

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Naturally transgenic plants are described at present time in two genera of dicotyledon plants. They represent Nicotiana and Linaria species, containing sequences, homologous to T-DNA of Agrobacterium rhizogenes, integrated in plant genomes, termed cellular T-DNA (cT-DNA). At least in Nicotiana species some of T-DNA genes are expressed. Since the insertion of T-DNA into plant genomes took place several times independently, it could play evolutionary role. One of the possible advantages of the T-DNA-containing plants is enhanced secondary metabolite production. It was shown that the level of anthraquinone phytoalexins in transgenic for the 35S-rolB and 35S-rolC genes callus of Rubia cordifolia is significantly increased in comparison with a non-transformed callus culture. Linaria vulgaris (section Linaria) ? L. genistifolia (section Speciosae) are widespread in Russia species containing T-DNA. One of the approaches to evaluate of possible role of T-DNA is to analyze a biota of naturally transgenic plants. The o
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