Methods for Traffic Flow Assignment in Road Networks

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In this chapter is devoted to approaches for solving traffic flow assignment problems. The most popular gradient descent method for solving traffic assignment problems is discussed in the first section. New projection algorithms based on the obtained, explicitly fixed-point operators for the route-flow assignment problem and link-route assignment problem are presented in the third and fourth sections respectively. Obtained operators is proved to be contractive that leads to the linear convergence of provided algorithms. Moreover, under some fairly natural conditions the algorithms converge quadratically. The technique for representing a linear route-flow assignment problem in the form of a system of linear equations is presented in the fourth section. A simple example demonstrates the evident usability of the developed technique for its implementation and further extensions.

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Krylatov, A., Zakharov, V., & Tuovinen, T. (2020). Methods for Traffic Flow Assignment in Road Networks. В Optimization Models and Methods for Equilibrium Traffic Assignment (стр. 73-100). (Springer Tracts on Transportation and Traffic; Том 15). Cham: Springer.