Memorial Plaque Text: Cognition, Communication, Multimodality

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The present paper analyses the interaction of different sign systems in the multimodal memorial plaque texts. In the line with previous studies the authors show that memorial plaques as markers of sociocultural space require interdisciplinary study, taking into consideration the mutual influence of cognition and communication. Relying on the idea that historical objects, located in space, are semiotized, the authors argue that memorial plaque text should be considered as multimodal, in which verbal and non-verbal components are in special relation and present specific memorial plaque text organisation principles, which are common for commemorative practice. The authors illustrate how different sign systems interact in the multimodal plaque texts, using the material of memorial plaques installed in Russia in the 20th – early 21st centuries. Finally, the authors come to the conclusion that the interaction of cognition and communication in the memorial plaque multimodal content provides the realization of the interpretive function of the language.
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