Mathematical Modeling the Hydrological Properties of Soil for Practical Use in the Land Ecological Management

Vitaly Terleev, Ekaterina Petrovskaia, Aleksandr Nikonorov, Vladimir Badenko, Yulia Volkova, Sergey Pavlov, Natalia Semenova, Kirill Moiseev, Alex Topaj, Wilfried Mirschel

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An original and convenient (from a practical point of view) method to estimate the supply of productive moisture in the soil is offered. The method is based on a physically adequate mathematical model of the soil hydrological properties considering the hysteresis of the water-retention capacity. The computation of the irrigation rates, which is based on such estimates, minimizes the water wastage if the excess of the gravitational water is formed and this water percolates out of the moisturized soil profile under watering conditions. The practical applying of the method is able to optimize the crop irrigation techniques, eliminates any inefficient losses of irrigation water and nutrients (and other agricultural chemicals), promotes the rational usage of the water resources as well as provides developing effective solutions of urgent problems of the land ecological management.

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