Mass media, Freethiking and civic position; islamic feminism

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Contemporary media technologies and quality access to the Internet in the countries of Middle East and North Africa provide regional mass media the possibility to relatively freely express their views, share them with like-minded people, and form groups of followers. The number of so-called Arab atheists among active social network users, as shown by recent studies, has increased. Atheism, along with Islamic feminism, sublimated into various forms of protest media content , is perceived among traditionally religious Arab society as a challenge to the principles and traditions of the Middle Eastern society. The Muslim religious leaders, scholars and thinkers decry the manifestation of this kind of freethinking and see it as a threat to national security in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Migration processes taking place in contemporary Europe are making their ambiguous contribution to the further evolution of the moral and ethical codes of the Muslim society.
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ЖурналMan in India
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