Manifestation of Structure and Occupation of Energy Bands in Surface Effects of Semiconductors

O. V. Romanov, A. M. Yafyasov

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A generalized theory of space charge layers is used to obtain calculation formulas for the principal electrophysical parameters of these layers in a semiconductor (charge Qsc, capacitance Csc, excess electron and hole densities ΔP and ΔN, and surface conductance σ). Allowance is made for the degeneracy of the electron–hole gas, conduction band nonparabolicity (considered in the Kane approximation), and possible charge exchange between homogeneously distributed levels throughout the bulk of a sample and self‐consistent calculations are carried out on the basis of the effective‐mass approximation. High frequency (1 MHz) capacitance‐voltage characteristics of the “indium” subgroup of III–V compounds and CdxHg1−xTe, obtained by the complex field effect method in electrolyte, are reported.

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