Mammalian petrosal from the Lower Cretaceous high paleo-latitude Teete locality (Yakutia, Eastern Russia)

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A mammalian petrosal from the Lower Cretaceous Teete locality in Yakutia (Russia) shows a prominent and complex system of venous channels in the bony wall of the pars cochlearis surrounding the straight cochlear canal. This complex venous system is distinctive and more strongly developed than in other mammalian petrosals. A bony ridge is present on the ventral side of the cochlear canal endocast, continuing from between fenestra vestibuli and fenestra cochleae in anterior direction. This ridge corresponds to the position of the scala tympani, and is similar to the secondary bony lamina of crown therians, but lacks the sharp laminar edge. The fenestra cochleae is separate from the canal for the aquaeductus cochleae (derived), but the fenestra retains a deep sulcus that resembles the perilymphatic sulcus (plesiomorphic). The fenestra cochleae is oval shaped and deep. The straight cochlear canal with a ridge on the ventral side strongly resembles that of eutriconodontans like Priacodon fruitaensis from the Upper Jurassic of North America. However, thick and extensive venous channels in the pars cochlearis are otherwise known from docodontans. In the Teete petrosal the channels are even more developed, and resemble the pattern recently reported from possible haramiyidan petrosals from the Middle Jurassic of western Siberia (Russia). Both eutriconodontan and haramiyidan dental remains are known from the Teete locality beside that of tritylodontids and docodontans.

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