Low-temperature in-induced holes formation in native-SiOx/Si(111) substrates for self-catalyzed MBE gROWTH of GaAs nanowires

Rodion R. Reznik, Konstantin P. Kotlyar, Vladislav O. Gridchin, Evgeniy V. Ubyivovk, Vladimir V. Federov, Artem I. Khrebtov, Dmitrii S. Shevchuk, George E. Cirlin

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The reduction of substrate temperature is important in view of the integration of III-V materials with a Si platform. Here, we show the way to significantly decrease substrate temperature by introducing a procedure to create nanoscale holes in the native-SiOx layer on Si(111) substrate via In-induced drilling. Using the fabricated template, we successfully grew self-catalyzed GaAs nanowires by molecular-beam epitaxy. Energy-dispersive X-ray analysis reveals no indium atoms inside the nanowires. This unambiguously manifests that the procedure proposed can be used for the growth of ultra-pure GaAs nanowires.

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