Localization of Scalar Fields on Self-Gravitating Thick Branes

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The model of a domain wall (“thick” brane) in noncompact five-dimensional spacetime is considered with geometries of AdS5 type generated by self-interacting scalar matter. The scalar matter is composed of two fields with O(2) symmetric self interaction. One of them is mixed with gravity scalar modes and plays role of the brane formation mode (due to a kink background) and another one is of a Higgs-field type. The interplay between soft breaking of O(2) symmetry and gravity influence is thoroughly investigated around the critical point of spontaneous t symmetry breaking when the v.e.v. of the Higgs-type scalar field occurs. The possibility of (quasi)localization of scalar modes on such thick branes is examined.
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ЖурналPhysics of Particles and Nuclei
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