Local voting protocol for the adaptation of airplane's 'feathers' in a turbulence flow

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The traditional detailed mathematical description of the motion of complicated complex systems with many transducers/sensors and actuators often leads to a very hard problems involving an extremely high-dimensional state space. However, multi-agent technology can effectively solve many of such problems by replacing the general model of interactions in a complex system with a set of local models and their aggregation (clustering). In this paper we apply the results of the synchronization and consensus achievement within the network control to the flight control tasks when a vast array of sensors and actuators ('feathers') is distributed over the surface of an airplane. The usage possibilities of Local Voting Protocol for the adaptation of airplane's 'feathers' in a turbulence flow are examined.

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Событие 2017 American Control Conference (ACC) - Seattle, WA, USA, Seattle, Соединенные Штаты Америки
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