Linguistic complexity of South Slavic dialects: A new perspective on old data

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The article presents the results of a quantitative study in which the complexity levels of different varieties pertaining to the South Slavic dialect continuum are measured and examined. The sample comprises 919 varieties, pertaining to the main conventionally defined macrodialect groups. Complexity is considered as a variable property demonstrating variation across geographical areas and subject to
diachronic change which can be associated either with language-internal
processes or with language contact.
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ЖурналLinguistics Vanguard
СостояниеПринято в печать - 25 окт 2021

Ключевые слова

  • языковая сложность
  • южнославянские диалекты
  • языковой контакт
  • упрощение
  • усложнение