Linear Trends in Sea Ice Drift Fields in the Arctic Ocean

M. A. Lipatov, V. A. Volkov, R. I. May

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Abstract: Using the example of analysis of 40-year series of vector fields of ice drift in the Arctic Ocean, the features of calculating the parameters of the linear trend of vector processes are considered. The decomposition of acceleration vectors into orthogonal and collinear components relative to the mean vector makes it possible to estimate an increase or decrease in the average velocity and regularity of change in the angular velocity of direction of the mean vector. The results of the analysis confirm the increase in the velocity modulus in the field of the average drift vector in most of the Arctic Ocean at the same time, seasonal and regional features of the angular velocity variation in the field mean vector drift. It is noted that in the winter season, the linear trend explains more than half the variance in annual drift variability in the Fram Strait, on the southern periphery of the anticyclonic gyre in the Beaufort Sea, in the Kara Sea, and in the Baffin Sea.

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