Lattice investment projects support process model with corruption.

O.A. Malafeev, S.A. Nemnyugin

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Lattice investment projects support process model with corruption is formulated and analyzed. The model is based on the Ising lattice model of ferromagnetic but takes deal with the social phenomenon. Set of corruption agents is considered. It is supposed that agents are placed in sites of the lattice. Agents take decision about participation in corruption activity at discrete moments of time. The decision may lead to profit or to loss. It depends on prehistory of the system. Profit and its dynamics are defined by stochastic Markov process. Stochastic nature of the process models influence of external and individual factors on agents profits. The model is formulated algorithmically and is studied by means of computer simulation. Numerical results are given which demonstrate different asymptotic state of a corruption network for various conditions of simulation.
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2019
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