Islamic regionalism in latin america: Background and current status

Konstantin Eidemiller, Iuriy Gladky, Daria Petrenko, Regina Elizaveta Kudriavtceva, Maxim Gabrielyan

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The attention to the considering problem is caused by both the incompleteness of its’ research and the dynamism of Muslim communities in Latin America. On the one hand, Muslims in this region do not represent the same large confessional group as, for example, in Asia, Africa or Europe. On the other hand, the representatives of this religion are beginning to play an increasingly prominent role in the politics, economy and culture of the countries of the region. The authors distinguish four migratory “waves” of Muslims. It is noted that modern Muslim communities in the region are associated, mainly, with the Arab diaspora, the basis of which was formed by the migrations from the late 19th to mid 20th century. The collapse of the Ottoman Empire initiated the flow of migrants from modern Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. Most of them were originally represented by Arab Christians. Nevertheless, in recent decades, migrants from the Middle East have begun to represent various Muslim denominations. It is emphasized that at the beginning of the 21st century, Muslims became an integrated part of Brazilian, Argentine, Colombian and other Latin American societies. At the same time, there is a global connection between Arab migrant communities, which makes the study of the diffusion of Muslim communities in Ibero-America relevant.

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РедакторыRadomir Bolgov, et al.
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  • Islamic regionalism
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