Intercultural communication and acculturation (review of International studies)

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Under discussion is importance of intercultural communication and acculturation in contemporary society. Immigrants and temporary migrants are analysed as key objects of intercultural communication and acculturation. Principally, attention is paid to temporary migrants (visitors) - international tourists, students, participating in the programs of international exchange, to foreign labor, employees in enterprises working abroad (labor migrants). Analysed are also results of designing research projection acculturation in contemporary society by G. Berry, who proposed a design of this study - on group and indevidual levels. On the first level goals, duration and stability of contacts, as well as economic, political, demographic and cultural shifts in both groups are to be ascertained. The second level relates to the depth of contacts and involvement of humans in it, changes in one's practical everyday behavior. In conclusion, ideas of designing research of intercultural communication and acculturation are generalilzed.

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