Integration of migrants as a way to diminish proneness to conflict in multinational communities

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At the turn of 20th and 21st centuries, issues related to the integration of foreigners into the new environment are especially discussed by the public and politicians. It is not for nothing that political organizations and even parties that are strongly opposed to immigrants increasingly occupy the minds of Europeans. The purpose of this study is to assess the success of adaptation processes that allow immigrants to integrate into the socio-cultural environment, taking into account a complex set of natural, economic, political and socio-cultural factors. The successful integration of migrants into a new society can be determined when assessing the effective implementation of migrants' social potential. Methods of research are theoretical analysis of the impact of immigration processes on economic and social life. The work was carried out on the basis of studying and using fundamental Russian and foreign research of in the following scientific areas. The results of the research showed that the selected number of factors have a significant impact on the adaptation process of immigrants. Subjective factors are formed by immigrants and the objective factor is the perception of the adaptation of immigrants by the local population. It was found that the most important factors for successful integration of immigrants into society are not only training and working but also a number of social programs and practices conducted to promote the principles of tolerance and the diversity of society. Only a comprehensive approach to solving these problems can lead to the successful integration of migrants into the new society.

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