Information and communication components of sexual culture of modern Russian youth

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At the present stage of development of Russian society increasing attention from various social actors is given to diverse theoretical, practical and ethical issues of sexuality and sexual culture. For their successful solution seems necessary, first of all, scientific revision, critical analysis of existing ideas about the sexual culture taking into account qualitative transformations of social and cultural reality of the 21st century. Thus, researchers have traditionally allocated structure of sexual culture, which in a generalized form includes axiological, symbolic, cognitive, institutional, normative, ritualistic, praxeological or behavioral blocks, but ignores a number of modern trends and patterns of human activity concerning sexual relations. In the course of analysis of contemporary conceptual and empirical publications on sexuality as another structural element of sexual culture were identified information and communication unit incorporating mass media, internet, social networking, and social media
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Название основной публикацииSGEM2014 Conference on Psychology and Psychiatry, Sociology and Healthcare, Education, SGEM2014 Conference Proceedings, September 1-9, 2014. Vol. 2.
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